What is a “slice of Pi”


Please join us for our Second Annual “π” Party

If you understand my “knurdy” riddles (or even if you don’t) please join us for an afternoon of visiting and catching up (and eating).capture2

  • What shape do you get with the formula πr2?
  •  What approximate shape is (πr2 /6)?
  • What Jewish festival falls in March this year ?
  •  What shape is associated with this holiday?
  • What’s the name of these cookies?We’ve been in Florida since December, but we’ve hardly seen all of the friends that we want to see.   So in order to catch up with as many people as possible, please join us to celebrate Purim and Pi Days

    Sunday March 12, 2017   1:00 – 7:00

    We plan to server “pi” oriented foods – vegetarian or dairy.   Some ideas include:

    Pizza pie, Pierogies, Pinapple Upside Down Cake, Any variation of fruit Pi, etc.

    If you would like to contribute food great, let me know what you can bring but we head back to Corning just 10 days later so I must ask for you to take your leftovers home (or perhaps negotiate with someone else to swap leftovers – thanks)

    www.gsfriedman.com         gloria@gsfriedman.com      ronf@fbc-llc.com

    Please RSVP by phone (607) 731-4967 or email. We should have the name of who is driving for the security gate.

    If anyone wants to hang around -we have tickets to this show at 7:30. Tickets are $38 each.capture1