Our new granddaughter and more

Our daughter Ilene Friedman and her husband Keegan Bailey celebrate the arrival of their second daughter, Orli Lev Bailey. She was born Friday February 2,her father’s birthday, at about 3:30 in the afternoon after a very brief labor.   She weighed in at 7lb 5oz.

So when I heard Orli’s name and especially after seeing her, at less than 24 hours old. I can picture these two sisters as beautiful strong women.   Nava is strong and needs to get her own way.   She and her Uncle Jonathan have similar personalities. I see her as being independent and creative. Of course it will take time to truly learn Orli’s personality but on their “we are expecting” notice, Ilene and Keegan used the yoga warier pose. I see Orli as the leader of the warriors, a team player, but a strong leader. The girl’s names mean Beauty and Light of my Heart respectfully and I think they will fill those “shoes” perfectly.

So, as a grandparent, I have mixed emotions. Ron and I are about to turn 60 and we have two young grandchildren. I’ve had Parkinson’s for 14 years, Ron has had three bouts with cancer since 1980, statistically will we live to see their bat mitzvah’s, their weddings. My grandparents lived to see both my children but Ron’s Dad was the last one living of our parents and he passed in 2016, after Nava was born (2015) but before Jonathan and Jessica’s wedding (2016).

I’m starting to have more problems keeping my body going with Parkinson’s. Between medicine doses I sometimes slow down “to a snails pace”.   When this happens I often get annoyed and frustrated and I’d rather not have people see me. I’m looking into solutions but it’s difficult. I try to plan my day around these ups and downs. I rate tasks as to what I can do at what level of “on” and try to schedule accordingly but the net result is that I get less than half the productivity that I used to have and I have to watch things like paying bills to make sure they are done.

I am doing a lot of exercise including Rock Steady Boxing and Pound It Out drumming and Ron is playing tennis, racquetball and pickleball. My frustration is that other than bridge lessons, I don’t have time for socializing and even when I do, I get nervous about the meds wearing off

So where I normally don’t draw attention to myself. I’m going to enjoy my 60th birthday. Mine is Feb 21 and Ron’s is July 3.   I have private plans for Feb 21 and 22 but I’d dedicating my third annual Pi Party on March 17 to all my high school and college friends turning 60. Since I have problems helping with cleanup, etc.. I don’t want the Pi Day party to be overwhelming but please stop by and say hi and make a donation to one of my favorite charities – Parkinson’s Foundation, Michael J Fox, Hadassah if you want.

I can’t wait to teach new skills to my granddaughters. We bought Nava a 3yr old’s real digital camera and while she has to learn how to frame the picture and not move the camera, she understood the buttons easily from the start.

I’ve been enjoying “playing” with photography. I exhibited in our complex last year and I will do the photo club show at the end of this month.   This past summer and fall I collected pictures of our apple trees and made a picture book called “PopPop Makes Applesauce” featuring Nava.   For the photo show, I’m doing fruit, vegetable and nut flowers and their end products.   My biggest fear is losing the ability to do things like this.

Ron insists on traveling although it scares me more and more. I take a wheelchair for using at museums and other long walks. We had a wonderful Baltic Cruise last year with Debbi Berke and Aunt Estelle and this year our plans include Israel, a NJ to Quebec cruise and Venice to Greece.

I hope to fix up this blog site and post some family history, etc. here. I you have anything to contribute, please advise.

With love from

Gloria and (of course) Ron Friedman